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Those who have experienced severe trauma or a life-threatening event may develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress, commonly known as PTSD, shell shock, or combat stress. The most common symptoms of PTSD include recurring memories or nightmares of the events, sleeplessness, loss of interest or feeling numb, anger, and irritability.

Today’s military is experiencing PTSD at record levels and with obvious gaps in our healthcare system, our troops are left to find their own solutions.  All the while, the social and economic treatment costs of PTSD continue to grow. First year treatment alone costs the government $9,100 per person, or more than $2 billion so far.

The dēhp® therapeutic PTSD Study would reduce the costs to $5,400 per person. With measurement, it is hoped it would to reduce the cost even further.

the dēhp® therapeutic study

This study is an excellent opportunity for organizations to participate in a fully-funded research pilot while providing training for their clinical therapists in a new robust therapeutic intervention for their PTSD clients.

The study will use five unique evidence-based instruments to measure wholistic behavioral development.

Veterans and First Responders who participate in the study receive ten (10) supervised dēhp® treatments and recommended monthly follow-up sessions and continued care over two years. The study is designed to analyze effectiveness of Continued Care to ensure long-term engagement of Veteran and First Responder subjects and adjust accordingly.

the dēhp® therapeutic treatment clinic

The study will be administered at the dēhp therapeutic treatment clinic, an Intensive Outpatient Center (IOP) conveniently located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Along with the study, the clinic offers specialized programs for Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTSD, Trauma, Addiction.  We also offer treatment plans for children who have a parent suffering from one of the above.

We take some insurance plans including: United Healthcare and TRICARE.

For additional information and to reserve your place in one of the dēhp® therapeutic study pilots,

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