What if you could balance your life and dramatically reduce stress. What if that treatment helped you to manage your stress and life baggage in a transformational way.  What if that experience allows you to make a critical decision,  or provide the clarity and focus to perform at your optimal level  All this without medication, diversions, or effort.

Stress affects our health, work performance, weight gain, chronic anxiety, and much more.  Just think of those you know struggling with life’s challenges – veterans, students, parents, managers…..everyone is suffering with the over-stimulation of modern life.

WHAT IS DEHP®:  Dehp is a wellness experience company focused on activating and supporting the innate intelligence of the human body to bring it into balance.  Your body is wise and it has something to say, listen and it just may change your life.

Dehp is an acronym for developed expression of human potential, it is pronounced as ‘deep’.  Josette Sullins, founder and developer of the dehp method, has successfully provided thousands of clients just this relief, performance enhancement, and self-discovery through her dehp enrichment experience.  Now she’s ready to train wellness and healthcare providers in this transformational technique through the Dehp Academy.  Your support will benefit qualified applicants to start their training in dehp.

THE DEHP ACADEMY:  Right now Josette impacts thousands of lives through dehp…..each trained dehp practitioner will also impact thousands of lives.  Just imagine what an expanded team of trained dehp practitioners can do for our community, our state, our country and our world.  If we reach our goal, we can train up to 10 more candidates having an impact on over 10,000 lives.

The dehp transformational methodology will soon be necessary in every health and wellness practitioner’s toolbox.  This multi-layered certification program requires qualified candidates to complete online webinar programming and upon successful completion, participate in a three-day hands-on practicum.  Once the candidates are designated ‘dehp technicians’, they will perform 40 documented dehp session, many of them community service based.   Finally, they are tested to become ‘dehp certified practitioners’.  Dehp practitioners are required to maintain their skills with annual recertification programs.  Dehp Academy will also offer progressive training in specialized treatment programs.

Become a part of the dehp team through your contribution today and help uplift and shift our stress, for ourselves and our community, to a new level.